Sahara suspension M


Sahara led riippuvalaisin

Sahara 4864

Hopea tai kromi
Korkeus min 1165 mm – max 1550 mm
Leveys               45 mm
Pituus             1140 mm
Kiinteä LED 36 W
Lämmin 3000K
Teho 2520lm
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Sahara riippuvalaisin 36W

LED 36W 3000K 2520lm – 220/240V
Plata – Silver
Cromo – Chrome
Difusor Acrílico – Acrilic Diffuser

SAHARA XL, new option to expand the collection with
new measures that suit different needs in order to
cover as many possibilities providing versatility to the
collection. In this restyling has chosen to extend the
measures of two of the most important applications
of the collection, the pendant lamp and floor lamp,
increasing its size also has improved the efficiency,
gaining light and more power with minimum consume,
the ideal choice for customers who need larger objects
and better performance. On the other site it has a new
finish to supply other types of decorative environments,
“forja” finishing, it is a option that combines seamlessly
with more traditional decorative spaces in which
predominate warm tones and natural finishes, an
alternative for rustic environments or contemporary
style, without abandoning the modern and avantgarde
lines that define the SAHARA collection.