Clizia Suspension Grande white


Slamp Clizia Grande

valkoinen opaali
Materiaali Opalflex®/Lentiflex® – Cristalflex Flume®
4 x E 27  LED 8 W
Korkeus   280 mm
Halkaisija 780 mm
Paino 3,35 Kg
Max ripustuskorkeus 1680 mm

Bulbs2 X 8W – LED Filament or
2 X 20W – FBT – max length 115 mm
Other Colours

MaterialsOPALFLEX ®

Size53 x 53 x h25 cm


weight net: Kg 2
gross: Kg 3

package58 x 58 x 27 cm

certifications certifications



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Clizia Suspension Large

design by Adriano Rachele

Epäsäännöllinen, pehmeä ja mutkaton muoto, joka on luotu Opalflex®: n ”ommeltujen” lukuisten neliösummien säännöllisestä viivasta monimutkaiseen rakenteeseen ja tyyliin. Käytetään joko ripustus- tai seinävalaisimina, jotka voivat energisoida kodin

An irregular, soft and sinuous form, created from the regular lines of numerous squares of Opalflex® ‘sewn’ into an intricate weave of texture and style. Used either as a suspension or wall-mounted lamps these can energise your home. Available in a range of five rich colours.

Italilaiset designvalaisimet made in Roma

The Clizia series, which consists of colored interlocked squares in Opalflex® assembled manually, evokes the story of the mythological nymph who, repudiated by the Sun, becomes Elitropio. This range, fruit of operative hands that shape the techno polymer as if it were smooth silk, expands with an unusual and striking table version (consisting of 230 square in Lentiflex® supported by a colored base) and with MINI and LARGE versions of the ceiling/wall lamp and suspension. The various colors and many different types available will suit any room of the house, introducing the surprise of a soft geometric shape that seems created in a maison d’haute couture.