Easy W2100 LED Kattospotti 2X10W


  • Led seinä/kattovalaisin
  • 2 x 10W LED – 634 Lumen – 2700k
  • BA 32 |  CRI 90 | 230V|
  • Himmennettävä
  • Suunnattava ja kohdistettava
  • Energia luokka: A++
  • IP : IP 20
  • Mitat: Pituus: 21 cm
  • Korkeus: 10,5 cm
  • Leveys :  10 cm

EASY-W2100 asennus

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Easy W2100 LED Tällä ledvalaisimella helppo valaista kotiasi tai toimistoasi kauniilla
LED-kohdevalolla, jossa yksinkertaisuus vastaa toiminnallista muotoilua.
Valoa voidaan kääntämällä kohdistaa tarkkasti paikkaan, jonka haluat valaista.
Himmennettävä  ledvalaisin esim. seinähimmentimellä.

EASY-W100 asennus

EASY W100 is part of the minimalist and functional EASY series, which is one of our
absolute bestsellers.It contains smart adjustable wall and ceiling lamps, where the
EASY W100 is the largest single spot, with a diameter of 10 cm and a height of 10.5 cm.
The spot with the simple design is suitable for many different places in the house and can
be used several together or alone. With an adjustable tilt and turn function, you can adjust
the light in exactly the direction you want. It is therefore an obvious choice if there is wall art
or similar you want highlighted.The lamp is dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness to
your needs and mood. You can also choose a variant with dim to warm,
so you can adjust between warm and cold light.





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